Important Information!

Rehearsal Attendance

  • Attendance Requirements for each concert season: Three absences each semester will require a group re-audition of the concert music with Dr. Faber
  • Check off your name on the roster at each rehearsal
  • Notify the President in advance of absences if possible

Concert Attire


  • No excessive jewelry, piercing(s) or head adornments (hats, bandanas etc.)
  • Black Tuxedo jacket and slacks with white tuxedo shirt.
  • Black bow tie and cummerbund.
  • Black dress shoes and black socks.


  • No excessive jewelry, piercing(s) or head adornments (bows, hats, etc.). Stud earrings only.
  • Ankle-length, black dress, black skirt. Palazzo pants are acceptable since they are flowing and look like a skirt.
  • Long sleeved, non-sheer top with a modest neckline (undergarments must be unnoticeable). Top may be worn untucked if the hem is square (no shirt-tails).
  • Black shoes and black hose.
  • No reflective details (sequins, rhinestones, beads, metallic decoration, etc.).

If you need to purchase something acceptable, please check out Stage Accents. Several of our members have purchased the style called "Bel Aire Long Sleeve"

Concert Tickets

For each concert, each Chorale member will be issued 5 tickets to sell. Additional tickets for sale will be available upon request. In addition, each member will be provided 2 complementary tickets. The complementary tickets will be labeled with the letter "C".